Sunday, 6 October 2013

Eaves Painted...eventually

The past week saw a series of phone calls between us and SS, me and construction manager (CM), and CM and SS to move the build forward. The problematic painter was eventually replaced by a new one, who completed the painting of the eaves (in Hogbristle Quarter), and subsequently, the scaffolding was brought down at the rear of the house.

Yesterday, the carpenters put up the roof trusses on the Dining and Outdoor room extensions. Cavity door frames were installed in all the places where sliding doors are meant to be: Sitting room, Study, Laundry, Ensuite and Main Bathroom WC. The Balcony door frames, along with windows were installed too. In the photo below, you can see the sliding door frames of our Study. You can also see a number of round downpipes, close fitted to the house, although they have not yet been fully installed.

Thus, there was progress in the build; however, it is nowhere close to where they are meant to be in terms of schedule, considering that other Metricon customers who had built larger homes than ours (Phoenix 38 with extensions, Nolan 45 with extensions, Whittaker 45) have had their outdoor room roofs, cladding at the rear, electrical rough-ins, insulation, plastering, gables, and even partial installation of stairs and bench tops in kitchen by Day 125 (Week 18) since site start.

Here are the blogs of other Metricon customers who have had much more progress than ours:


  1. Hi, I can definetly understand your frustration, but things will soon pick up again. We also had a period where nothing was getting done - just before plastering, then all of a sudden the pace had picked up and everything was happening at once. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for the reassurance. It is just that we were taking two steps back for every step forward, which was highly frustrating.

    Your porcelain tiles are coming along nicely at Whittaker.

  3. Hi Venkat,
    What was your total contract price. The price of the facade. I am thinking of building and want to know the true cost to avoid any surprises.
    Thanks for any feedback. Your house is looking fabulous!Great choice!
    Cheers Katherine:)

  4. Hi Katherine, our contract price was 400 K including site costs with standard inclusions.

    You then add an appropriate amount to upgrade your internal and electrical selections.