Sunday, 17 November 2013

Plastering Complete; Cornices Installed - The house is taking shape!

The internal wall and ceiling lining boards (plaster-boards) were installed in the house earlier in the week. I think everything was up in just one day! A few days later, the cornices were installed throughout the house except in wet areas, where there are square set ceilings.

Next week, according to our SS, the bathrooms, laundry, powder room and toilet areas will be waterproofed with coatings to protect contents underneath or within and to sustain structural integrity. Stairs and kitchen cabinetry materials are also likely to be delivered next week, with installation to follow soon after.

Update from SS on installation of insulation last week: The SS clarified that ceiling cavities on the ground floor do not get insulated, as there are rooms just above them to keep them insulated. Insulation is done on the ceiling cavities on the ground floor only in areas that do not have rooms directly above them, such as Dining and part of Garage.

You will see in the pictures below our beautiful entry door too (yet to be stained).

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Insulation Work in Progress; Cornices Delivered

According to our SS, insulation is scheduled to be installed tomorrow, with plastering work to commence this Friday. However, to my surprise, I noticed today morning that insulation was already up in many places of the house. There are also cornices (Scotia Cove) being placed on the floor.

Some parts of the ground floor however did not have insulation, and I wonder whether the tradespeople ran out of the insulation materials. I hope the remainder of the insulation materials are delivered and installed soon.