Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Brooks Reach Neighbourhood/Community Park

Stockland has opened its display village at Brooks Reach. Of the 24 planned display homes, 15 are ready. Metricon too has a presence and I will soon write on its display homes.

This post is on Brooks Reach Neighbourhood/Community Park – which is about 250 metres from our future home. I visited the Park a few days ago, and it is friendly and inviting. I even got my in-laws to play (along with my daughter) on the large tower slide and it is awesome! The Park has a number of fun places for children to explore including decking, boulders and open spaces. For adults, there are sheltered areas; BBQ and ample seating to encourage gatherings.

According to Stockland, “this park…was designed in conjunction with the children from Dapto Public School as part of a child friendly neighbourhood research program, which was recently recognised by the Planning Institute of Australia, winning the award for Children and Young people and the President’s award for the night”.

Here are some of the photos of the Park.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Internal Colour and Electrical Appointment-5

Last week, we received the revised Contract variation and Colour Schedule documents reflecting the selections we made during internal and external colour appointment. After cross-checking with the New Home Contract and two variation documents along with the Colour Quotation document, we identified few more errors and omissions, and asked our Consultant to address them. Our consultant fixed the errors and emailed us the document by the end of week, after which we signed and returned the documents.

Ensuite / Bathroom / WC and Powder Room selections

Standard 6 mm Semi-Frameless Shower Screen with Polished Silver frame colour and clear glazing

Our shower in ensuite will resemble this one
(we will also have another one in the extended Powder room)

Our Shower in Bathroom will resemble this one

All three showers have 300 mm high x 90 mm deep tiled shower recess

Stylus Venecia Close Coupled Toilet
Two 950 mm high x 420 mm wide x 90 mm deep mirror front wall-mounted recessed shaving cabinets

Mirrors in Powder, WC, Bathroom are Silver backed with polished edges on a 16 mm backing board and have either full height wall tiles or 100 mm tiled surround 

Ensuite Shower: PureJet Shower Set Duo (2 spray function); height adjutment rail, with push-button control

Ensuite: Pinto Quad shower mixer

PDR and Bathroom showers: Moda Duo Rail 99002 + HS200 shower head

PDR and Bathroom: Alto wall mixer for shower

Caroma Liano inset basin 415 mm x 415 mm

PDR, Bathroom, WC and Ensuite: Pinto basin mixer
Stylus Newbury bath 1675 mm

Vito Bertoni fixed bath mixer set; 220 mm spout with Chrome back plate

Star robe hook
Bathroom and Ensuite: 750 mm Metza double towel rail (88902)

Metza towel ring

Metza toilet roll holder

Monday, 12 November 2012

Internal Colour and Electrical Appointment-4

We finalised our internal selections six weeks after we had our Internal Colour appointment. We got to this stage after exchanging several emails, as there were some omissions, errors, follow-ups with the estimator, and items that required clarifications. Although some of these could have been avoided, I provide credit where it is due: the consultant was patient, courteous and helpful throughout this journey.

From what I have experienced, you need to have ‘attention to detail’ at five levels:

Level 1: This involves checking for items that you originally requested, but was omitted in the variation. For example, we requested HUME Sorrento SOR 5 doors throughout the house; however, the Consultant / Estimator missed including SOR5 door for entry into Powder from Sitting.

Level 2: This involves checking for items that you originally requested, and included in the variation; however, the numbers don’t stack up. You need to visualise by perhaps drawing on a piece of paper, tally the number required and cross check with the ones included in the variation. For example, we requested patio bolts in Dining and Family for added security. There is one elevation in Family and two elevations in Dining; therefore, it is only natural to include three patio bolts. However, one of the elevations in Dining has a bi-part door, thus requiring two bolts instead of one that is typical needed for sliding or stacker doors. Thus, you will need to visualise such omissions and advise the consultant accordingly. Another example of this type is when there are two separate items. For example, we requested Laminex cupboard handles (244 mm), in lieu of standard, for pantry doors. When looked at the item in isolation, the number of handles was correct. However, we also requested a laminate panel for the integrated dishwasher to be placed in the Pantry – in between the two pantry base cupboard doors – for which a handle needed to be included. There were other minor Level 1 errors (for example, a wrong description). In our case, instead of stating ‘front laminate panel to Pantry”, it read ‘front laminate panel to Kitchen…” (Our dishwasher is in Pantry).

Level 3: This involves checking for items that you originally requested, and included in the variation, but the codes are wrong for the items that are included. The only way you can verify this is if you take a note of the codes when the consultant refers to the brochure at the time of selection. For example, the code for handles 244 mm is 869991; however, was wrongly stated as 869990. There might also be typographical errors that are Level 1: for example, the length of the handles for the code 869990 should have read 188 mm instead of 88 mm as originally stated.

Level 4: Pricing issues that do not make sense. We originally included Category 1 stone bench top to many wet areas in the New Home Contract itself; however, chose a type and colour that was Category 2 during the appointment. However, the Estimator did not take that into account while calculating the variation. Instead of stating “provide Cat 2 bench top….in lieu of Cat 1”, the Variation stated “…in lieu of standard”, which prompted us to seek clarification on the over-the-top upgrade price.

Level 5: The last one includes undertaking research and asking the consultant to include additional descriptions to minimise potential mistakes during the construction stage. You will need to read blogs of other clients and may even need to collect your own information. For example, one of the bloggers had lamented that the kitchen supplier installed the handles centred in the middle of the drawers, which made it hard to pull open from the middle (rather than the top).

Drawer handles centred and top aligned
Source: Metricon, Byron Kitchen

The blogger also lamented that the drawers were not fully extendable, which made it “inaccessible to pull pots and dishes out of without first moving items from the front row”. Further, the blogger was not happy that the island bench was not deep enough, as it forced him to drink his coffee leaning over it, instead of actually sitting under it. These are small, but significant matters that needed attention; I am glad I read the blog, and eventually got the consultant to include a description that drawer handles must be centred and top aligned, in addition to extending island bench top depth (while agreeing to paying extra for it). We also requested that drawers are to be almost fully extendable (and agreed to pay extra for that privilege).

Not fully extendable drawers
Source: pnhousebuild.blogspot.com.au

Almost fully extendable drawers 

Likewise, we were particular that entry door handles resemble and are positioned similar to the one in one of the Metricon display homes. Therefore, we measured the position of the door handle and the lock and requested the consultant to include a description to position the lock at 1000 mm from floor and centred to Horizon 750 mm pull handle, like the picture below.

I’ll post pictures of our internal selections after we receive our final internal and colour variation document.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Phoenix wins HIA Display Home of the Yeard Award

Recently, Metricon’s Phoenix Display House at Fern Bay was awarded the Over 300,001 Category and the HIA Display Home of the Year. The awards are judged by industry professionals and acknowledge the talent of builders who plan and construct quality new housing.

Whilst our House will not have all the bells and whistles of the Display House at Fern Bay, we are nevertheless glad to have selected the same Phoenix design that won the Award (and we hope that our house when built by Metricon will be of high quality).

The news page on Metricon’s web site notes “With a focus on open plan living, the five bedroom, two bathroom home offers multiple, spacious living areas amongst a smart floor plan designed with a growing family in mind” – which is exactly why we choose this design! We had made minor modification to the design that included converting our Powder to another bathroom, and the Sitting to another bedroom, totalling 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Good on you Metricon for winning the Award.

See the news page for details