Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ground Floor Wrapped in Hebel

Our build experienced high productivity in the past week, with Metricon tradespeople working almost every day. Our ground floor is now wrapped in Hebel external wall panels, and I love that contemporary look! 

Other developments included installation of roof trusses, ground floor windows, front entry door frame, and sliding door frames (with the exception of Laundry).

Unfortunately, there is no access to first floor to check out the developments.

However, the weather was lovely, and I took heaps of photos.

Our Family, Study and Garage Windows in the Northern Elevation

Internal Garage Window

Our Family Window and Sliding Door Frame to Outdoor Room

Our Dining Window and Sliding Door Frame to Backyard

Love the Backyard Space and Northern Light

Good to Know that Metricon is Trying to Take Care of our Build

Uninterrupted Beautiful View of Nature as seen from our House

Friday, 19 July 2013

First Floor Frames Underway

The chippies were able to install, early in the week, floor trusses (for the first floor), with Orange Tongue particle board flooring on top. Subsequently, first floor frames started to go up; and here is the progress so far.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ground Floor Almost Complete; Joists Commenced

We met with our SS earlier this week at the Metricon sales office at Brooks Reach to discuss the progress of the build and the timeline for the next steps in the process.

The ground floor frame appears to be complete; and the beams to support the ground floor ceiling and first level floor (first floor joists) have started to go up. On the picture below, you can see joists as viewed from outside of the Family room looking into the Kitchen.

On the tiling front, we accepted the amended quotation provided by Metricon’s tiling partner, Di Lorenzo. We are happy that we managed to contain tiling upgrades to 2K.

We also received a call from Energy Connections NSW (ECNSW) regarding setting up gas and electricity accounts. Apparently, ECNSW will liaise with Metricon at the relevant stage of our build to get “connected”.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Frames that Define Our Ground Floor

No activity on our site since the heavy downpour more than a week ago. Apparently, there is a backlog of work resulting in at least a two week delay on everything. I followed up with our SS who has assured me that work would resume tomorrow (Monday), although I am not holding my breath, as more showers our expected early next week - sigh.

I thought I will use this time meanwhile to provide a tour of our ground floor activity completed so far.

View of Garage, Entry and Sitting as seen from the front of the House

View of Entry, Foyer and beyond

Partial view of Garage and internal Garage door on the right side of photo
View of Sitting (Guest Bedroom) as seen from Foyer

View of Sitting (Guest Bedroom) as seen from Entry

View of Powder Room immediately behind Sitting as viewed from Foyer
View of Laundry immediately next to Powder as seen from Foyer

View of our large Study as seen from Foyer (opposite Stairs)

View of Stairs as seen from Study - you can see the Laundry on right behind Stairs and Pantry on left behind Stairs

View of Kitchen and Kitchen window as seen from Family Room
View of Pantry as seen from Kitchen

Our Pantry window

View of Family Room as seen from Kitchen
View of Family niche where we will wall-mount our TV

View of Foyer and Entry as seen from Kitchen and Family hallway

Fridge cavity next to Pantry as seen from Kitchen
Niche wall cavity next to Fridge cavity

View of Dining and partial Family and Backyard as seen from Kitchen
View of our House frames as seen from our Backyard -
Our Outdoor will go in the intersection of Dining and Family rooms