Thursday, 31 October 2013

Plumbing Rough-Ins & Cladding Completed - Lock Up Reached; Plasterboards Delivered

Soon after the completion of electrical rough-ins, the plumbing rough-ins were completed. 

The cladding (Scyon Linea weatherboard) on the front, side and rear sides on the first floor is completed too – you can see in the pictures below cladding details such as corners fixed with vertical timber pieces and metal capping.

With the completion of those activities, Metricon promptly sent us the lockup invoice, which is the biggest slice of the bill pie at 35% of total contract price. If you are wondering why the lock-up invoice isn't 25% that is the standard at Metricon, it is because we managed to successfully negotiate a middle-heavy rather than top-heavy progress payment schedule as required by our financial lenders. Our progress payment schedule consisted of 5% deposit at contract signing, 10% at Base Stage, 15% at Frame Stage, 35% at Enclosed (Lock-Up) stage, 25% at Fixing Stage, and 10% at Final Stage.

Although the Boral plaster boards were delivered mid-week, the wall insulation will need to be completed first before the plaster is hung. I hope the wait is not too long, as there no signs yet of insulation materials on site. 


  1. Starting to really take shape now. We also changed payment schedule to make it less up front. But I agree, that 35% will be a huge hit. Good luck with the rest of your build

  2. Yes, the facade is taking shape. And great to hear you changed your payment schedule too.

    35% is a huge hit indeed; with rental and progress payments, it adds up pretty big, and I would like the progress of the build to accelerate...Cheers.