Friday, 11 October 2013

Independent Pre-Plaster Inspection

With lock-up stage walk-through expected next week, we want to ensure that we are getting the quality and finishes we are expecting, entitled to, and paying for. Naturally, we want to ensure that our new home is being constructed in accordance with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, relevant Australian Standards and within the acceptable standards and tolerances as stated by the Building Commission.

With several Metricon customers having utilised independent building inspections for their builds, we too have enlisted the services of an independent building inspector to protect our investment in the biggest asset we will ever own.

See the links below for interesting opinions provided by Metricon customers on independent building inspections:

Also, Clause 46c of Special Conditions on our New Home Contract acknowledges that we may seek to employ a private Building Surveyor to assess the builder works under construction. The Clause notes “Should the owner engage a Building Surveyor, the Builder will review the report and will action any item of building works that falls outside the tolerances of the Building Code of Australia to the extent required under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (including any instrument under the Act) and all other relevant codes, Standards and Specifications”. 

Having decided to use independent building inspection services, the next step was to determine the provider. Fortunately, a Brooks Reachite (Ruby & Branden) did the groundwork of contacting and comparing potential providers in our area and chose H&K Ryan & Associates for their house inspection.

See here for Ruby’s blog that compares different providers:

We also saw H&K Ryan cited numerous times on Homeone Forum, and therefore, it was relatively less arduous to choose them. 

H&K Ryan & Associates’ web page:

Our SS acknowledged in our most recent conversation that Howard Ryan from H&K Ryan & Associates had called on him to advice on the inspection.

Let’s hope all goes well to plan when it is time for inspection.

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