Saturday, 26 October 2013

Electrical Rough-ins Walkthrough with our SS

Yesterday, we had an onsite inspection, along with our Site Supervisor (SS), of the work performed on our house’s electrical system, before the interior walls are insulated and finished.

I had my electrical diagrams with me that was approved during the electrical appointment at Studio M, along with additions and changes worth $900 that we made a few months after, separately, with the Vaccarro Group (electrical contractors of Metricon). The additions included light points, power points, dimmer switches, 2-way and 3-way switches, and pre-wiring for heat lamps and direct circuit. Whilst it was not possible to make any changes after the electrical appointment at Studio M, I appreciate the flexibility of Vaccarro (with whom we had the original appointment at Studio M at Metricon office) to allow us to add and make minor changes in a separate and direct appointment with them.

The inspection yesterday allowed me and our Site Supervisor to jointly check and ensure that all our ceiling light points, wall light points, power points, data points etc were in the right places. All the points were indeed there and 95% of them were in the right places. The others, I would say, is a matter of judgement. For instance, in the picture below, you can see the wiring for the ducted exhaust fan, along with the placement of the GPO (General Power Outlet) on the right hand side wall. Given the depth of the future bench top to be 500 mm, I felt the current placement of the GPO was a bit off and therefore requested our SS to move it a bit closer, similar to the second photo you see below. 

Likewise, I requested our SS to move a few switches and GPOs in Dining and Bed 5. Fortunately, we have already purchased our buffet unit and bedroom furniture, which allowed us to measure their width, thus allowing us to precisely locate the point where we wanted to place those switches and GPOs. Thanks to our SS, Greg for being patient and allowing us to make those minor changes during our electrical rough-in appointment. In fact, Greg even allowed my last-minute request yesterday to include an additional 2-way switch near the Dining sliding door to access the light under eaves downstairs. So, I am pleased with the outcome.

You will see below pictures of electrical connections in our Family that includes a TV conduit provision and GPO at 1200 mm above floor level, followed by the placement of additional GPOs, free-to-air tv points, pay tv points, and telephone point. 

Other pictures below provide you with a glimpse of light points and light points with a noggin to help support the hanging of a fan or heavy pendant lamp. So, if you are considering those, you must request and pay around $10 for a noggin. The last picture is our power box that has been installed (which would include the meter box, light and power circuits).

Next week, Metricon’s quality inspector and/or the PCA (Locals) would inspect the house, their approval of which would allow our SS to move forward with insulation and gyprocking / plasterboard / lining work. There is also the completion of external cladding and commencement of painting the render that are scheduled next week; and I would be excited to see them completed on schedule.

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