Monday, 9 September 2013

Construction Pace to Pick up

Took a day off after a bad cold last weekend and decided to drive by Brooks Reach. Met our new SS by chance when he was checking out something at another Metricon construction site at BR.

Although the construction activity in the past three weeks was slow, it was good to see our SS address with a positive attitude the backlog of work (and other unintended consequences) left behind by our previous SS. Looks like the pace of house building activity is to going to pick up this week after I noticed additional materials on site: Hardieflex eaves, accessories and Scyon Linea weatherboard  ̶  with SS confirming that work is scheduled to start tomorrow (Tuesday), with a number of activities: Eaves, metal capping on Hebel, and weatherboard cladding on the upper floor fa├žade, continuing on the either sides of the elevation up to Masterbed and Bed 5, and rear of the house.

SS also advised that the painting of external Hebel walls will occur only after cladding is complete.

Click if you want to learn more on Scyon Linea Weatherboard Cladding.

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