Sunday, 22 September 2013

Cladding Commenced

The pace slowly picked up last week with the completion of eaves and installation of metal capping on the balcony, after which the cladding (Scyon Linea weatherboard) were put up on part of front and south-east elevation. 

Cavity slider doors and the front entry door have been delivered on site and are waiting to be installed.

Apparently, the eaves will need to be painted before other activities could move forward; the painting is scheduled tomorrow (Monday). I seriously want the painting of eaves as well as the cladding to be completed on schedule, so that part of scaffolding can be removed to allow for the installation of ground floor roof trusses, followed by the installation of roof tiles.

On a lighter matter, Stocklands screened the family movie Wreck-It-Ralph in an open air cinema format yesterday at Brooks Reach lawns next to the Sales Office. Around 50 people, including us, watched the movie; and we enjoyed both the movie and the setting; it got cold though a bit….

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