Sunday, 11 August 2013

Windows, Fascia & Gutter Installed; Hebel Almost Complete; Plumbing Started

With the completion of installation of roof trusses, windows on the upper floor and paperbark-coloured fascia and gutter, part of the scaffolding came down to make way for installation of Hebel panels on the upper floor. You can see from the pictures that Hebel on upper floor is almost complete, considering that tradespeople moved the panels upstairs on Thursday to commence work, only to abandon the site early afternoon owing to the constant showers.

The remainder of the upper floor (sections where Hebel are not installed) would have lightweight cladding, the materials for which are yet to be delivered on site.

Notice in the below picture how wide our extended eaves would look (600 mm), which we will have on the entire upper floor, and above outdoor and dining room on the ground floor. They are not only functional (block summer sun; reduce the need for mechanical cooling; shield furnishings), but also aesthetically pleasing (a grander look).

Today was also the first opportunity for me to see work-in-progress on upper level, as the chippies' ladder was available to climb up. All room sizes look reasonable, except one, where our baby son would sleep. However, it is bigger than the room he currently sleeps in the rental property we live now; so, I suppose, it is ok. 

Below is the picture of our Leisure room and the view as seen from the Leisure room window.

Our roof tiles were also delivered – Bristle Yeoman Shingle Coal – ready for installation next week.

Here is a sneak peek of the view from our Balcony

The plumbers also rocked up on Saturday to commence plumbing work and got heaps done – a few pictures below to checkout the kind of work they did.

Plumbing work for the double vanity in our Ensuite;
Immediately behind is our adult study room, and beyond that is our toddler son's room

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