Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bristle Coal Roof Tiles On

We have a hat! Our roof covering on the upper floor is mostly complete; some tiling on the front elevation next to balcony can be completed only after a part of the scaffolding comes down. Also, roof pointing is yet to commence. There appears to be some broken tiles, which I suppose will be addressed eventually.

More plumbing work was completed last week.

Overall, a productive week, but only after a dramatic event – Our Site Manager, Josh C left the company we are building with – I heard he landed a commercial job…A great bloke, and will be missed professionally.

We got an email from our Construction Support Coordinator reassuring us that there would be minimum delay and disruption, and advised the appointment of new Site Manager, Greg KP. I caught up with Greg on the phone the day he got appointed as well as a few days later, and he appears to be well experienced on the building front, although he says that he is yet to become completely familiar with Metricon building process and formalities. Greg assured us that he would call us every Tuesday to update us on the build – time will tell whether he keeps up his word. He also advised us that we can visit the site only under his supervision – so, I suppose this is the end of all those sneaky photos. But at the same time, he wants to take care of the site and advised us he is going after a pad lock to secure the building site.


  1. SO huge Venkat!! And what a gorgeous hat haha :) loving it!!!

    It's funny that you're only just getting a locked site now.. Don't worry, it's still pretty easy to get in if you want to .. We may or may not have gotten around that issue on our site :P

  2. Thanks Ruby,

    My first preference was Colorbond roof, specifically, Bluestone. Metricon gave the option of Hebel versus Colorbond, and it was a no brainier, Hebel please.

    I wish the roof tiles were flatter like Monier Barramundi with a Blue tinge...

    And yes, very tempting to enter the site all the time to check out developments.

  3. I think that is a great idea of cool roofing tiles. It will help to maintain the internal temperature in control thanks for sharing.