Sunday, 25 August 2013

Progress, But

Our SS called us last Tuesday to advise that the level at which one of the windows was placed upstairs was incorrect, affecting the installation of eaves. He got it refitted, with the bad news that the Hebel surrounding the windows had to be brought down and replaced sometime soon.

I was relieved to see the SS action not only the removal of debris at the front of the site, but level the mound of soil that was left on the site for over a month; the soil would act as the necessary fill for the future driveway, which is good news.

The rear garden tap was installed, along with the provision for the front tap, but that is all I could see as progress made in the last week as seen from outside of the site fence.

SS had apparently ordered the materials for the eaves, along with down pipes, but I do not see those activities happening anytime soon, as those materials are not on site.

We still have not received the invoice for the Frame stage, prompting an email to our CSC, who advised us that we are unlikely to receive it until closer to the completion of the Lock-Up stage that would see the completion of the remainder of the frames on the Outdoor room / Dining room extensions.

A slightly disappointing week overall in terms of real progress, and I hope this does not become the norm in terms of the pace of progress.


  1. Hey Venkat,
    saw a metricon truck and a man onsite today at around 9.20am or so. Not sure what he was doing but he had a clipboard!

  2. Hi Ruby,

    Oh! I hope our eaves materials are delivered...I am starved to see some real progress.

    I am eagerly awaiting to see your post on blog / forum on how well you are settling in and of course photos of your interiorly decorated house.