Thursday, 6 June 2013

We Have a Concrete Slab

Our SS called Tuesday evening to advice the completion of concrete pour.

Our Construction Support Coordinator emailed us today confirming the completion of base stage, with advice that I can soon expect invoice (which I received an hour later from the Head Office). 

Dropped by yesterday at the site and I did the ‘OMG…it is small thingee’ as I saw this area of bland concrete. I suppose it would look bigger once the frames are up, as claimed by many who have built houses.

External drainage and delivery of frames are scheduled next week, with frame carpenter to commence work pending weather. Let's hope all goes to plan.

Our Future Driveway will be 14.5 metres long, with a 3.3 m cross-over!

Side and rear areas where the retaining walls would need to be raised
(as seen from where our future rainwater and hotwater systems would be placed)


  1. This project is really great, i appreciate your work, concrete slab is looking good, photographs are looking very nice that you have shared here. :)