Sunday, 16 June 2013

External Plumbing, Delivery of Frames and Base Stage Invoice

Visited the site a few times last week, showing our side and rear boundaries to retaining wall specialists who have now provided me with quotes. Two quotes are comparable, although more expensive than the third competitive quote which we are likely to go with. My Mrs is still pondering whether we should seek a few more quotes, but I am content with the quotes we have, especially that I have supplementary information from clients who have had their retaining wall professionally constructed and some words of wisdom from our sales consultant.

Two developments on build this week have been external plumbing (read more digging and pipes, and discovery of additional rocks) and delivery of piles of wood (frames). The Green coloured ones are the white ant resistant structural T2 wall frames. These frames were about to go up last week; but I suppose the public holiday last Monday, combined with the poor weather for a few days after must have spoiled the plans. Can’t wait to see some frame action next week.

The terrible winds we have had also knocked our Port-A-Loo and our temporary fencing, and I hope Metricon fixes it (more sturdily) next week.

I also noticed chipping in concrete where our hot water unit would be placed and location of Sitting and Portico, and I hope they would be repaired (and have flicked an email to our SS for action).

Location of Hot Water Unit - See chipping in the corner

See chipping in the corner of Sitting room

See chipping in the left-hand corner of Portico

For those reading our posts, can you provide your thoughts on how major or minor these chipping are and how critical that they be fixed? We would have Hebel panel system if that information is of any relevance.

We also received the invoice for base stage last week, which of course I flicked to our Lender only to face drama for a while (surprise surprise). We had some post-contract non-structural variations (internal upgrades) and apparently this threw the Settlements team off-guard. They had to send all our variations to their loan assessor for approval. Luckily, the assessor responded quickly on how we may proceed regarding the variations to our building contract. I kept Metricon Senior Account Receivable Officer (AA) in the loop including forwarding all the emails I received from our Lender and I must admit that Metricon has been professional and kind in managing this process so far. AA even adapted the original voice to make it more understandable to the Lender. It has been 10 days so far since Metricon emailed us the invoice and our Lender has advised that payment will be made tomorrow (Monday).

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