Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Final Construction Drawings Signed Off

We accepted and signed off on the final construction drawings, amended progress payment schedules and variations today.

The preliminary final drawings that were sent last week were riddled with errors, as the draftsman used our Preliminary Contract Estimate instead of the New Home Contract. I was particularly advised by a few current customers of Metricon to carefully check our final drawings as there is a history of inaccurate drawings being provided at this final pre-construction phase  ̶  clearly, Metricon must tighten up its quality assurance procedure at this critical point.

During the stage of checking the final drawings (last week), we were advised by Metricon that a laundry repositioning from one elevation to another that we requested during our Studio M appointment (for which a variation was raised) was now not allowable, due to insufficient clearance for washing machine provision and cavity sliding door architrave. Well, if it cannot be moved owing to a technicality, then we have to comply; however, this late advice has meant that there is no PowerPoint to get the washing machine connected, because we had asked at the time of Studio M appointment to place the PowerPoint on the opposite wall. Fortunately, when I raised this matter today with our Electrical Consultant, she responded straightway advising that she arranged to move the double PowerPoint to the relevant side. Phew! I can breathe now…

I also wanted to add an additional switch upstairs in Master Bedroom to trigger the light at the adjacent Leisure Room (so that we do not stumble upon when trying to reach out to our children’ room for that night–time emergencies…however, our electrical consultant advised that they cannot allow any further changes.

Can any of you share your build experiences regarding whether you were able to add, delete or move electrical points/switches once construction had begun? What worked for you and what didn't? (eg., talk to Site Supervisor at Frame stage or another stage to include few additional switches; do it post-handover by employing a private sparkie?).


  1. Hi there, We found that once frame went up that we should have added more lights, switches, power points...etc. What we did was ask our SS to let us know when the electrician would be at the house and went down spoke to him and he agreed (for a fee) to add these items in. We paid half there and will pay the rest when he comes back after handover. We are pretty lucky, especially considering he is charging us only $40 per down light we are adding. I wouldn't worry to much about upstairs, an electrician can come in after hand over.

    1. Thanks for the tips, I will try speaking with the SS and see how it goes. cheers.

  2. Hey Venket,
    With out SS he said to us we could install more powerpoints if they were adjacent to a powerpoint already planned on another wall. He even said if we wanted to add an alarm during contruction we could do that (we are doing it post handover as we didn't like our builder's company) .. He said we could get the sparky to do pretty much whatever we wanted for cash in hand, so i wouldn't stress too much :)

    1. Hey Ruby,

      Glad to know we could do some electrical installation post handover. I can breathe! Thanks.

      I was catching up on Homeone forum and noticed you have been exploring Metricon's envisage program. It is infectious as they claim, in a good way though. Cheers.