Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Day 1 - Site Scraped / Cut

Yesterday, I got a call from our Site Supervisor, JC (who had built the Metricon Display House at Horsley). He mentioned that excavation is scheduled for today, followed by piering and slab pour.

An hour later, I got a call from EV at Metricon introducing herself as our Construction Support Coordinator from now until the completion of our new home, and advised me of the upcoming activities.

We made a quick trip to the site during lunchtime today and found the site nicely scraped.

We have scheduled a meeting tomorrow with our SS to discuss the way forward.

View of our Land from BackYard


  1. Wow looking good :D and it looks like you didn't hit any rock, that is awesome!!!!

  2. Actually, we did discover some rock (I will post a picture soon); however the SS did not voice the discovery of rocks as a concern. In fact, he praised the presence of rocks as a good thingy for foundation.

    Anyway, Metricon charged us 3K as a provisional sum in our Contract, and our Sales Consultant advised that I should not expect any suprise additional charges later.