Friday, 7 December 2012

Road Opening Permit Application

Our CSC updated us on the status of Complying Development. Apparently, the Private Accredited Certifier advised that a road opening permit is required to access the stormwater during construction.

After a series of email and phone conversations, our CSC completed the application (to occupy a roadway or footpath) and provided me a copy of the hydraulic plan (plumbing and drainage designs) and current public liability insurance to enable me to lodge the application with Wollongong City Council. A Traffic and Pedestrian Management plan and a Dial Before You Dig reference were also needed with the application. The traffic plan costed me $350. The Dial Before You Dig website asked all sort of technical information that I was unfamiliar with, and I did the best I can to provide accurate information.

I have lodged the application ($291) with the Council. Apparently, it takes 5 days to process the application, provided all information and documentation is correct and complete. Let us hope all goes well in getting the permit, as this is the last step that was required to be completed in order to obtain a CDC (Complying Development Certificate – akin to getting a DA approved by the Council).

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