Friday, 21 December 2012

A Good Week: CDC Received & Property Sold

We had a good week.

A day after I lodged the application for Road Permit at the Wollongong City Council, Metricon received the Permit and emailed me soon after.

A day before Metricon closed for Christmas break, we received the Complying Development Certificate (CDC) that combines the functions of both development consent and a construction certificate.

Two days ago, we exchanged contracts for the sale of a property we held for quite a while (and which we had to sell before applying for a Construction Loan). Although it was disappointing to have to accept an offer that was below what we believe the property is worth, we have to come to reality that this is all what people are willing to pay. We also want to move forward with the Metricon build, as our Contract will need to become unconditional a few days before Australia Day next year.

Applying for a Construction Loan is the top priority now.


  1. Hi Venkat! great blog, can you share if after your land registration, they gave you the 149 for your lot immediately?
    I am curious because the builder told us that in there is indicated if you can submit through CDC or council.

  2. Hi Raquel,

    We received the 149 certificate from our lawyers soon after we settled on the land. I was given the option to apply myself, but I got it through the lawyers.

    You can get it from council anytime by paying a fee. Our council even had the option of ordering it online. There was also an expedited option, where you can get it within 24 hours!!