Saturday, 21 July 2012

Tender Presentation

Metricon presented to us the Tender (Preliminary Contract Estimate) yesterday. Apparently, the tender presenter is on leave, and therefore, YD – Design Manager – explained to us each of the items, including the site plan, on which we spent nearly 30 minutes.

Although our SC communicated to Head Office the structural changes we requested three weeks ago, the changes we were shown on the basic plans during the Tender Presentation were not entirely accurate, and therefore, we had to re-explain all our changes. YD also asked our reasoning for some of the changes, so that he could fully understand them and come up with a revised design.

We used this opportunity to make some additional minor structural changes (eg., converting PDR to ensuite instead of just bathroom, clearly articulating our expectations of having a WC with a basin on a bench top instead of squishing a tiny basin, and including some items such as gas bayonet, which apparently cannot be included at a later date without incurring a variation fee). We went through over 30 pages of items and the whole meeting lasted for nearly 4 hours.

I was hoping to see reduced site costs in the Tender, but Metricon insisted that that there is 950 mm of excavation (cut) and 550 mm of fill, on the top of having to provide additional run of services over the standard allowance (our block of land and driveway is long); therefore, charged us about 25K. I wonder what other Metricon owners have experienced.

We paid 4K at the end of the meeting, so that the file can move forward to contract preparation. YD adviced that he would take about a couple of weeks to discuss the changes we requested with his staff and another week to discuss with us; so we are looking at contract signing around mid-August. Hopefully, our land should settle by then, and I can ask Metricon to accurately price the site costs (where ever possible).

Before we left, we were given a big Metricon folder containing over 25 brochures for all the selections we would have to make (although there was not any Studio M book that one of the recent Metricon blog owners had indicated).

After a quick meal, we went to Carpet Call (Builders Division) Head Office at Seven Hills. The NSW Contract Manager, Boris met with us, although we did not have an appointment, and explained standard and upgrade options. We even discussed our dilemma regarding flooring options – tiles, laminate and carpet – and he shared his personal experience on each of them.

Before we headed home, we dropped in for 20 minutes at Freemans Ridge Metricon Display Homes to have a peek at the external colours. My Mrs decided almost all of the external colours based on one Display home – Liberty 40. We will be revisiting Freemans Ridge again in the next couple of weeks when we bring our in-laws to show the house we plan to build (and will revisit those external colour options).

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