Thursday, 26 July 2012

Further Roofing Consideration

My Mrs has second thoughts about Bristle Coal. Her reservation is that it looks ‘hazy’ ‘dirty’ when viewing especially the competitor's display home (see photo in the previous post). My Mrs still prefers Charcoal Grey that has a Bluish tinge to it; however, the approximate price to upgrade Coal (Category 2) to Charcoal Grey (Category 4) is 2K. We decided that we would rather spend that amount on something other than roof. So, we tried to find a tile that resembles Charcoal Grey (although I admit that Charcoal Grey with striated lines and a colour-through feature is special). We determined Bristle Classic Gun Metal to be the closest match to Charcoal Grey (the first picture is Gun Metal and the second picture is Charcoal Grey) and will stick with it (until at least my Mrs changes her mind!).


The one on the left is Coal and the one on the right is Gun Metal (on a sunny afternoon)

We also flicked an email to our Design Manager answering some of his questions regarding restrictions on the use of land (Draft 88 B instrument); providing him with bushfire and geotechnical report forwarded by Stockland, and seeking clarification to some questions. There were a few other items that Metricon asked us to provide (exact locations of service connection points – water, sewer, electricity pit etc) and we advised that we would provide those details as soon as we have the relevant information. The Design manager responded on the same day and also confirmed our appointment for Contract discussion and external colour selection.

Did I mention that soon after our Tender Presentation, we were provided with a nice looking folio and bag to carry the pile of brochures?

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