Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Driveway and Pebbles

At last, we have a driveway! It was not economical, considering that the driveway was 20 metres long. The colour is Charcoal, although our first thought was to have a driveway that matches the colour of the rendered walls (Dulux Gnu Tan) – something like CCS Driftwood. However, I was concerned that a light-coloured driveway would be susceptible to becoming dirtier sooner than a dark-coloured one; so, we eventually went with Charcoal.

We are not a big fan of maintaining lawns; we decided to gravel a part of the front portion of the land, so that we do not have to bother with removing weeds often and mowing grass. Cowra Gold (pebbles) would have softened the look and matched the colour of our rendered walls; however, with money already stretched quite a bit, we had to go with the economical option of putting limestone pebbles. Our concreter and landscaper, Glenn did the job very well.

The next phase of our landscaping project is for Glenn to pour coloured and stamped concrete in our outdoor room and other areas; that work is commencing tomorrow.


  1. Looks awesome! great work! and massive driveway think about the extra parking guests will have available :D

  2. Thanks, I think the extra parking space is the consolation prize when spending a large sum of money on driveway!

  3. Congratulations the house looks fantastic. Nothing better than waking up in your new home! All the best.

  4. Looks great. i like the contrast. Love the letter box as well.

  5. Thanks. Looks like you are well settled in your new Metricon house.

  6. We are considering a Metricon build so nice to see some finished photos. Is the house still going well?

    1. Still loving the house. Good luck with your build.