Thursday, 10 January 2013

Prompt Service from Metricon

Our Lender Manager asked for particular documents before lodging our Construction Loan, specifically, evidence of payment of 5% deposit, and percentages and amounts reflecting an amended progress payment schedule that our Lending Manager directly negotiated with Metricon just right before signing the Contract. I am glad that our Lending Manager was kind enough to do this direct with Metricon, as I have read through blogs and forums that Metricon normally does not entertain such requests.

The amended progress payment schedule works in our favour as the payments are middle-heavy, consistent with the Domestic Building Contract Act 2000 (DBC) and payment schedules of other leading builders such as Porter Davis.

I flicked an email both to our CSC and CS Manager requesting a letter addressing my requests only to receive automated messages that they were on leave. With pressure mounting on us to act owing to the fixed contract price expiring later this month, I contacted our SC to seek her assistance, who then forwarded my email to another staff member, and advised me that although she made contact with this staff member, I should probably not be as hopeful as staffs are returning from leave only later this week.

And guess what…the same day (this happended early this week), I received a prompt and well drafted courteous email from Metricon’s Operations Manager with a letter addressing my request, which of course I forwarded to my Lending Manager for action.

Well done Metricon on being responsive to my request.


  1. Loving your blog! I only just found it by doing a random Google search as my husband and I are building out in Brooks Reach too (With Clarendon Homes, our lot is in Stage 4).

    Can't wait to catch up on all your previous posts. Thanks for writing.

    1. Welcome Ruby.

      Ours is in Stage 2.

      I found your blog on recipes, and I am sure my wife will try a few!

      All the best with your build, and I am sure we'll catch up as we progress in our respective building journeys.