Monday, 1 October 2012

Internal Colour and Electrical Appointment-1

We had our internal colour and electrical appointment on the same day this week. It started at 9:30 AM and finished at 5:30 PM. It was not overwhelming, as we did our homework prior by visiting display houses and having several bed time discussions!

Both the internal colour and electrical selections were a fun experience, although we felt that the internal colour selections process was a bit rushed. It was neither the fault of the Studio M Consultant nor ours. We had the Studio M manager itself as our consultant, who was very knowledgeable and helpful with our selections and provided her wisdom on which ones to upgrade through metricon and items we could consider upgrading ourselves post hand-over.

We were quite detailed in our selections, and we provided a modified kitchen cabinetry design for the consultant to pass on our rough drawings to the drafting department.

We think we did not go crazy with the internal colour selections. The Consultant said she would email us the selections (along with prices) in a week or so for our review.

As there are so many selections, I will write about them in a series of posts rather than rush through one or two long posts. This post is on internal paint and stain colours.


Hog Bristle Full Strength for internal walls; Hog Bristle Quarter Strength for Architraves, Skirting, Ceiling and SOR 5 internal doors

Feature Colour 1: Dulux Mid Night Secret similar to this one 

Feature Colour 2: Dulux Eastern Gold

Architraves: Double Pencil Round 67 x 18 mm

67 mm architraves are those ones that surround the window

75 mm Scotia Cornice

Intergrain Rich Chocolate Stain for Stairs and JST 1 internal doors

Hume JST1 timber internal doors (in rich chocolate stain) with transulescent glass for master bedroom, pantry/laundry, study, guest bedroom (sitting), ensuite and PDR

This is Charcoal stain, we will have a shade darker than this (rich-chocolate)

Pantry/laundry internal doors

Internal doors to Study

HUME Sorrento SOR 5 internal doors to remainder of the house

Staircase: Maple treads and risers, in rich chocolate stain finish,with stainless steel balusters. The handrail would be rectangle and continuous instead of curved; and there would be no newel post - see picture below to get an idea (however, will not have semi open treads like the one below as they are very expensive!)

The stairs will have a P35 control joint in lieu of standard MDF cover board.

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