Thursday, 28 June 2012

Our First Visit to Studio M

Before our Tender appointment, my Mrs and I wanted to be fully prepared, so that we could get Metricon to include prices of not only items that are structural variations, but also others (eg. tiles, splashbacks). This way, we hope to not worry much about paying a significant amount of money through our savings on post contractual variations. With that in mind, we made a trip to Studio M – Metricon’s Selection Centre at Baulkham Hills, Sydney.

From what I have read, they have a range of specification and colour options to choose from – all under one roof, although I noticed the display options are not as wide as the ones you see in the video - see below (I guess the Studio M that is on the video is at Melbourne?). 

I am glad we do not have to worry about brick selections, as Metricon is offering Hebel as part of its promotion. We had been to Metricon’s Camden Hills display house to check out the Hebel and we are happy with it.

We also visited on the same day Di Lorenzo (as we prefer tiles over laminate flooring in the living areas of ground floor) and shortlisted the floor tiles in living areas. I am sure we will make more trips to Di Lorenzo before our actual appointment to shortlist tiles for other areas.

Next, we want to visit Carpet Call to check out laminate and carpet options, as we generally prefer laminate flooring over carpet upstairs. 

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